Let's go to draw a cool great white shark easy

What a scary sea animal! But did you know that not all sharks are dangerous!

Sharks are fish found in all the oceans of the world except Antarctica. There are more than 520 species grouped into 35 families. These families of sharks have an internal cartilaginous skeleton, not ossified.

The first shark made its appearance more than 420 million years ago, while man made his appearance more than 200,000 years ago.

Originally known by the famous film "jaw" by Steven Spielberg in 1975, which sent shivers down the spine of many. His image as a bloodthirsty predator that stuck to his skin has evolved and continues to evolve over the years. The shark has found its place in popular culture:

  • Shark movies have multiplied: jaw, sharknado, the meg...
  • Also featured in DC comic books with the supervilain King shark
  • and also suitable for children with the baby shark TV show on Nickelodeon. With the shark there is something for all ages and tastes.

So, would you like to know how draw your a shark step by step ? or teach your child how to draw one easily? For that, you'll just need a sheet of paper, a pencil, an eraser (to remove the guide lines) and our easy and detailed drawing tutorial.

You don't need any special art supplies to draw your shark, but you can go and have a look at our website to get inspired by the fascinating world of sharks, its shapes and details to better draw your own.

Tutorials how to draw a shark step by step (EASY). 

Step 1

First of all, start by drawing a diamond that will form the main body with the shark's head. ✍️

Then, make another lozenge that will contain the shark's tail (caudal fin).

Shark drawing step 1

Step 2

Finally, make triangles for the fins and the aileron of shark

Shark drawing step 2

Step 3 

Perfect to have a geometric shark! But what we want is a real shark. So we're going to give our design some shape. Let's start with its caudal fin (its tail) we're going to start from the tip of the rhombus to its end, passing through the center and slightly rounding off.

Shark drawing step 3

Step 4

We're just going to round off all the ends of our triangles that represent the fins and the tip of the shark's snout

Shark drawing step 4  

Step 5

We will detail our drawing by adding gill slits, nostrils and any other elements you wish, you are the artist! Remember to erase the guide lines.

 Shark drawing step 5

Great! Now our draw of cool shark is done ! 🦈