You're probably looking for a gift for someone you care about. Maybe you even know the person's tastes perfectly and you want to mark the occasion with a trendy and very original gift. Maybe this person is a real shark fan, a crazy friend, a future dad, an ultra-soft mom, an energetic dabbler, a cool uncle or a great teacher! In any case, you are at the right place because today we offer you a Top 7 of the best original mugs of the family to customize and what could be more original than a beautiful shark mug with a stylish design and your personal touch that will make it unique and make the difference.

So that you can offer it to that special someone. A mug is always useful ☕, we need it very often: at breakfast to start the day, at the office during coffee breaks, in your living room to enjoy a delicious drink. A mug is a great gift for a party, Christmas, birthday or any other event. 

Of course this is a non-exhaustive list because otherwise it would contain hundreds of mugs. 

We're sure you'll find exactly what you're looking for. If not, we invite you to visit our collections and find the golden girl that will perfectly match the tastes of the person you love and to whom you wish to give this gift. 

1) Daddy shark mug

Daddy shark mug

The best dad deserves the prettiest gift for Father's Day or any other occasion.

For the man of the house, you need a powerful gift that has impact and we have what you need if you are here is that he may be passionate about sharks or likes originality. Our daddy's special shark mug with its characterful design and high quality ceramic structure will please him. He will be able to observe the care taken in the design with a powerful shark style symbol of efficiency and superiority. The family superhero will have sparkling eyes every time he drinks his coffee, tea or hot chocolate in his special daddy shark mug👨✌️. 

It's also possible that the man is a heavy drinker of caffeinated beverages, in this case you have the choice between several capacities: "good drinker" 11oz and "heavy drinker" 15oz. and since dads deserve the top of the top this mug is ultra resistant and will always keep the same quality of design once it's been put in the dishwasher and in the microwave. The best dad deserves the best gift for father's day or for any other occasion. his birthday or any other occasion to honor him. Go ahead with your eyes closed. 

2) Mommy shark

Mommy shark mug

Let's go to the pillar of the family! to make the nicest mommy proud. this mug is an excellent choice for a mom-to-be but also for the sweetest mommy 👩. this mug with its refined and colourful design will become her centrepiece to enjoy all kinds of drinks. The smile will appear on her face when she sees her new mug. She will be able to observe the carefully crafted floral details that will make her smile every morning and every time she drinks from her mug. ideal for Mother's Day, her birthday, Women's Day or any other occasion. Our design was conceived to be a pleasure for her eyes and provoke her smile. A perfect gift of mommy shark mug for the perfect woman.

3) Grandpa shark mug

Grandpa shark mug

Let's continue with a must-have, grandpa shark mug. The pillar of knowledge transmission. All the experience he has acquired is passed on to his grandchildren, a personalized mug to thank him for everything he does will make him happy. He will be able to drink his coffee after a good day of crafts 🛠️, gardening or any other passion that makes him vibrate. Moreover for his comfort, our 11 and 15oz mugs are pleasant to hold in the hand. it is also a perfect tea companion because it does not talk and does not risk to annoy him lol

4) Grandma shark mug

Grandma shark mug

A mum without rules. synonymous with good times for children, cookies🍪, cakes, hot chocolate and good snacks. With this grandma shark mug that will be specially dedicated to her with her first name it will make her very happy, and it will be perfect for her to remember the priceless and unforgettable moments she will have lived with her grandchildren. Tea, coffee, hot drink everything fits in this great love cup has a great capacity for long discussions with her grandmother.

It is one of the best gifts that a grandmother can receive from her children and grandchildren. Memory effect guaranteed!

5) Auntie shark mug

Auntie shark mug

For the craziest auntie🙋. If you thought you needed time to find the perfect gift for your favourite auntie, then you'd be wrong, because we certainly have what you need! An auntie is a mix of best friend and mummy but without the rules. you can be a totally crazy, super cool auntie who always has a smile on her face and character so this auntie shark mug will be perfect to prove the love you have for her. it's with a smile on her face that she'll take her new mug at every break. to think of you who gave her this great gift. What's more, the design is dynamic, neat and pleasing to the eye for the best auntie in the world.


6) Uncle shark mug

Uncle shark mug

It's like a daddy but cooler, giving him a custom quality super uncle cool shark mug is one of the best ways to show him you're thinking of him. he'll also be pleased with the details and the neat finish of the design. this mug is just like your uncle he has style and the highlight of the design is the sunglasses 🕶️that attract attention and give that super cool effect. The choice of the ceramic material is resistant and guarantees durability. Everything is perfectly selected to delight your favourite uncle down to the smallest detail. 


8) Baby shark mug

Baby shark mug


A happy event happens furtur dad? mother-to-be? auntie, uncle, grandpa or grandma?

Are you looking for a gift to celebrate the birth of a baby🍼in the family? and maybe one of the parents likes sharks, or likes baby shark drawings, maybe they like everything out of the ordinary? then we recommend a cute baby shark mug with the baby's birth date and name, to make this mug unique and priceless for this event that will mark your history. Imagine your loved one drinking their favourite drink from this baby shark mug. By looking at the baby's date of birth and first name, you can be sure that his parents will be proud to go out and give him a wonderful gift for any occasion. The combination of the date and the personalised name will help make this gift personal and full of emotion.